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WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES POOLAND LANDSCAPE BID SITE. Over the years, NMA has worked diligently to allow opportunities for many bidders to participate in our bidding process. After much discussion and meetings with some of our best companies, NMA decided to go to a more compressed group of bidders. Consequently, we narrowed our list down to ten landscape companies and five pool companies. These are the companies that have given us the best service over the years and are the ones that we would like to have a close partnership with.

At times in the past, we would bid out every JWHN neighborhood as well as a number of management clients neighborhoods. This year, NMA is choosing to retain the services of several contractors at neighborhoods where there are no issues with the contractor. Consequently, you will be bidding only on those neighborhoods where a change is possible. We want contractors who take ownership of the neighborhoods where they are hired, and care for the appearance and safety of the neighborhood as much as our Managers do. We are happy to sign contracts for up to three years at a guaranteed rate.

With the heightened expectations that we have for our contractors, NMA fully understands that 2014 might bring some increases in pricing. Please pay close attention to the pricing schedule for both landscape and pool, and make sure that you take everything into consideration when working on your bid price.

There will be no Bid Meeting for pool or landscape companies this year. Bids are due in the office no later than Friday, October 4, 2013. Our new office address is: 2355 Log Cabin Drive, Smyrna, GA 30080.

PLEASE DO NOT RETURN ANY CONTRACTS WITH YOUR BIDPACKAGE. Please fill out the proposal sheet very carefully and return it by the date as noted. You will have three weeks this year to work on your bids, as we feel this will give you ample time to learn each neighborhood and its specific requirements. We expect thorough and complete bids, within the parameters as noted.

Thank you foryour participation in the 2014 bid process.

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